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Every business has to deal with change. New competitors, new technologies, new markets, new rules - at times it can seem like changes happen faster and faster.  The challenge is to be able to anticipate and plan for changes in a way that drives your business growth.  Evergreen Strategy Partners, with our extensive expertise in strategy development coupled with an un-rivalled understanding of key new technologies - 5G, AI, Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) - is the ideal partner to guide and grow your business.

Training and Development

  • Understanding climate change, new regulations and their impact
  • Strategy in the context of the green transition
  • Technology options and building a technology strategy

Sustainability Audit

  • Product / Service / Operations sustainability review
  • Baseline your sustainability as part of determining next steps

Business Plan

  • A business plan with 'sustainability' built in.
    • What products and services will I offer to my customers and why?
    • How will they be sustainable?
    • How will I build sustainable products and services and how will I work with suppliers to achieve this?
    • How can I maintain my competitive position?  What new opportunities exist to offer new products and services?
    • What resources will I need to follow the plan?
    • How can I use new technology to my advantage?
    • What new processes are needed?

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Our Vision

We believe that enabling businesses to thrive and grow in competitive markets will enable a better and brighter future for people and societies around the world.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with businesses and organisations to take them on a learning journey that leads to clear goals, executable and sustainable plans and an organization primed and ready to navigate future change.